Are you Vibrating in the Right Frequency?

cropped-photo.jpgAs stated it by Albert Einstein “Everything in Life is Vibration”. In school we have learned in  chemistry class about these little particles called atoms that are full of positive and negative energy charges moving around at different frequencies. The most common of these particles that exist in the world is carbon and carbon is what makes up all the matter is in this world including us humans; therefore we are all energy vibrating at different frequencies. We are really no different from the spoon we eat with, than the water we drink nor the skin we inhabit.

If we are all energy emitting at different frequencies, can we redirect that vibrating frequency to change the outcome of our existence? Perhaps we can, if we are aware of the things that go on around us and outside without wanting to control it and just direct that energy onto something that you and only you have the power of changing, only then we will have a different outcome. (“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the different result” Albert Einstein).

I personally think it’s a bit difficult when unfortunate situations happen to us. Even I have a hard time looking at a situation when is negative and getting out of that negativity; nevertheless redirecting that energy in something more productive, more relevant to you other than the situation at hand; and perhaps the situation whatever it may be is teaching you something valuable; maybe that is the way to redirect our energy and change the frequency, so it can start vibrating with the things that our heart desires.

Do something that feels good so you start vibrating at a high frequency; slowly but surely you will reap the energy you planted.