Why Perfect doesn’t quite cut it!


Is there such thing as a perfect partner or do we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find that perfect partner? Is perfection what we seek or it is just an erroneous perception of what we think is perfect? I mean we are all different unless you’re an identical twin but even then, they have different personalities & wants in life. What if we find “perfect” but it actually doesn’t fulfill us? Maybe our perception about it is wrong and it is actually more about being different and about connecting in different levels. Wouldn’t you say that perfect is boring? I mean according to some religious beliefs we are all made in the perfect image of GOD; so we are already perfect yet different. I think we are meant to be diverse and unique in our own way that is perfect for me. So why is it that we think we have an idea of perfection when we are already perfect? As far as relationships between men and women we all have standards and qualities that we search in a partner however we are so fixated on perfection that we disregard what really matters. I am not saying we have to lower our standards; but we have to compromise and let go of the idea of perfection or perfect partner; perhaps the perfect match is the one that makes you feel and be who we truly are with the bad and the good. Doesn’t it feel good to be yourself and be accepted? I say focus on connection, chemistry, communication, balance. Everything well balanced works out harmoniously. Instead of reaching or searching for perfection; search for balance.