Are you Being true to Yourself?

2b958bb972947ee31ed8f631951ed3c0 Hello there! It has been long since I’ve written something; well 2 weeks, which is kind of long but nothing was coming to me until now, except now I have more questions. My 1st question is, Who are we really? Are we who we say we are or are we most of the time pretending to be someone or something that we are not? Why is it we put on a mask when we meet someone we like? And don’t tell me you don’t because I call bullshit on that; we have all done it.

Why is it so difficult to show ourselves? Could it be that we are not confident enough in who we are and perhaps may think that there is not much to offer? Or we know that there are parts of ourselves that we do not like and don’t really want to show. We are all guilty of doing this at some point in our lives and it is very scary to show who you are to a stranger because we are scare of being judged wrongfully, we feel that showing our true self is not good enough so we “lie” and become someone else in order to be accepted or liked. Even though most of us have done it, it is never a good idea. Yes, it is wise to be cautious and aware of who you show yourself to but in the long run, being YOU will be best. I’ve had many friends and acquaintances that complain that their friend, partner, spouse changed , etc., but did they really change or were they just pretending to be something they are not to be accepted or liked by you or others? It is difficult to see when that happens and some of us do not understand. But when someone shows you who they are good or bad, believe them; then it will be your choice to accept them as they are and keep them in your life if you so desire. 

On another note, perhaps people do change. I personally don’t think people change. I think people consciously make the choice to do, think and act differently therefore they obtain a different result; I guess that process is called change, Hmmmmmm! However, the essence of who they are deep in their core is the same. I believe in showing your true self to everyone, therefore people will know who you are and will accept you, like you, even love you for YOU and not your altered ego. Show that you have insecurities, that you make mistakes, you don’t act accordingly at times, that you are passionate, you are loving, that you are sensitive and if that’s the case, (of course I don’t think it is wise to show all at once). Isn’t it better that the people around you love you for the good and the bad in you than a MASK? Also, you will feel so much better about yourself that you stayed true to YOU and if you don’t fit someone else’s agenda it is ok. We don’t have to be liked by everyone only the people that really matter to YOU in the end.