The Power of Words! Why we Must Master how to use them

7dfdd888674fe416b47f7dad08daf74d (1)The basic definition of Word: a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed. This is the basic dictionary meaning however; words are a powerful tool that most of us posses and some of us have to bite our tongues, otherwise it gets cut off. We use words to express our thoughts, our feelings, our views, our likes and desires. Having said that, unfortunately we also use the same tool to speak of things we dislike, pain, loss, hate, etc. Because words are so powerful and can inflict and affect others we must be wise when using them. Look at Jesus for example; look at the things he accomplished in his short lived life, he even has miracles under his belt; on the other hand look at Adolf Hitler, he also used the power of words to influence a big group of people against another. These are just two examples of many people that have used the power of words for good and for evil; therefore we must learn how to use our words, we must learn when to speak and how to speak. This does not mean that one should stay quiet; but one must learn to listen in order to speak eloquently. One must know that words can hurt and also uplift others. How many times have you said something to someone that if you were to say it to yourself, you will be upset or hurt, or happy and joyful?

Words are a double edge sword which can be used to inflict pain on others, (at times we don’t realize it, until it’s too late) and also we are able to inspire love, joy, happiness, reflections, and influence in a good way. I say, whenever you want to give an opinion, express your feelings, share your views; you must listen to yourself first and act as if you were saying it to yourself, see how it feels to you and how it sounds; if it doesn’t feel good to you and it’s not something that is not uplifting or making any situation or person better than try it again, try another way, until you feel good about it then there is a better chance of  what you’re saying not being misconstrued.  Just remember that regardless of how much we try, some things will take a different shape depending on the receptor; but if you learn to listen first and then speak, or just stay silent; silence speaks volumes without having to use any words.

We attract what we speak most, so speak well of others and most importantly of yourself.