Do you Know your Worth? What is your VALUE?

il_570xN.834270047_3j9gNowadays it is very common to see men and women as “equals”. We held the same positions, we play competitive sports, lots of women have even achieved the presidency, yet I see lots of women with the great career, earning good money and are great people for the most part yet some feel or act invaluable. They obviously have earned VALUE as far as their bank accounts and what they might own yet why are they underselling themselves,(especially to men/partners?) Is it that men are intimidated by these women or is it that some of these women are desperate and insecure about their self worth that the easiest way to show value is by providing; which in most cases is showing up for the men, making it seem to the opposite sex that they are independent, that don’t need a men to provide for them; which is great for her; but why not let the men, show up for you? Why not let the men lead when they want to lead? Why not allow him to protect you, if he chooses? Why not allow men to provide for you, even if he does not have to? (I mean provide in every sense of the word; not just monetarily.) Why not let him earn YOU? Why not let him work for you a little? We are conscious animals as far back as humanity goes, males have higher testosterone levels and built stronger upper bodies so they can protect their mates & offsprings; they have gone out hunting for food for their tribe. Why is it any different now? (well it’s a little different). Nevertheless in most cases men love and appreciate the things that they worked for and earned. For instance, it’s so rewarding when a young kid that’s going to high school or college, goes get a part-time job, he’s saving every penny to buy his first car; once he buys the car he’s probably going to wash the car every other day, shine it, clean the tires, show it off to his friends, etc. and he feels so accomplished and he loves the car not just because he has a good looking car and the ease in his life it provides. It’s more because he takes pride and honor that HE worked for it therefore he deserves it. Of course women are not objects, but I think you get the idea.

It is ok for women to be great at what they do and be successful at it; but it is also ok to be feminine women and to let the men be men. It is ok for the men to be there for you, be strong for you, show up for you and earn your trust, love and affection. This is not a woman that will play hard to get but she will show up as a high value woman for a man. He will notice that and will try to impress you not because he has to, but wants to show you that he is an alpha male that can take care of his woman and wants you to pick him out of the bunch. I am pretty sure if most women show up with a bit more of feminine energy and self worth they will attract more men that will see that and be willing to pursue them if they so wish. As I said previously, times have changed and there are more women now that are as successful as their counter parts yet that does not mean that they should take on the roll of the men. (Remember we all play a roll in nature, women are forever conceivers and men are providers) only if they wish to and they feel like they want to play that roll to perhaps feel more in control than is certainly her choice. On another note, even if you are not the woman that is at the top of her game right now; you should still show up as a beautiful high value woman that is deserving and worthy of a great man. Now, I am not saying that women should play princesses and take advantage. She also has to provide and be supportive, build her man up, and he will become a better man, even more a better human being for society. Don’t they say “Behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman”. Ok, most of my article is geared towards women and their self worth; but it also applies to men. Men also can show up as high value; a man that is confident, not needy or clingy, strong, independent and a man that is clear on what his wants and needs are in life in this case a woman. I encourage all of us to look at ourselves in the mirror, really see YOU as strong, worthy and confident human beings. We can attract much more great things and valuable relationships when you value yourself more. You get back what you put out, so put out high value and you will get high value back to you. You’ll see your relationships well start shifting; all relationships.