Expectations! Two sides of the same Coin

0739aa04bfdaf7ffff5df7b18ebbcbfaThis is a tough one. Is it bad to have high expectations? Or is it just bad to have high expectations of others instead of ourselves? I have always been very hard on myself with everything that I do, maybe it has to do with the way I was raised. My mom always worked hard and she still does; she would always say that everything is work and if you want to get somewhere you have to do the best you can and work hard at it. Basically don’t be mediocre whatever you do (I agree). But it just makes me wonder, are we working so hard because other people (our peers) expect it of us? Because they expect the best of us that if we fail at something they would be disappointed? So, are we doing things in order to not disappoint our peers or ourselves?

I think expectations for oneself is good because it gives you a goal or point where to aim and where do you see yourself; but where it gets tricky is that sometimes we put ourselves through so much pressure because of our families, our friends and the world and we start comparing ourselves to others instead of focusing on our journey and that the only person that really matters and that you are in competition to be better than is YOU.

Yet the other side of the coin is when you expect so much from others and they disappoint you. We have all been there; any type of relationships that you might have had. We have built this magical realistic idea about a situation or someone and they failed to fulfill it. But we have to remind ourselves that you have to try and see things & people for who they are and not how you want to see them. The less expectations you have the less the disappointments you will encounter and the more honest they will become in your eyes.

One must let go of expectations in order to live more at peace with ourselves and others. Lets pay more attention to our actions and our journey. The right situation and the right people will show up at the right time and right place. Let go of the idea of how you think things are supposed to be, remember the best things are unexpected and not scripted.