Are we really AWARE? Are you paying attention to you?

ac0c496cae1c3f53705c7f998e022c56Most of us like to believe we are open minded, open to new things, new cultures, new people yet we keep attracting the same scenarios in our lives. Are we really open and when I say open I mean open to all things the universe has to offer and all its possibilities? We complain that we cannot find a better job that pays more, that there are no good people, find a great lover or companion or start a new hobbies; but who is stopping us? Why are we experiencing the same things over and over again? We like to think we are open minded but are we really? To tell you the truth, I don’t think we are as open and as aware as we say we are. We all want to better our lives in every possible way, example, better pay, better housing, a great lover, a great body , etc., so why do we keep getting the same results? Do you know why? It is our believe system. We are F*****P! (well just a little bit). How can we create a new experience if we are living in the past and we believe there is only one way to achieving our ultimate goal, whichever it may be? Why are we conditioned to think the only way to get the sum of 10 is adding 5+5; why not 6+4, 9+1, 6.5+3.5, etc. As you see there are a lot more possibilities and equations yet we only go for the most comfortable, known route which is  5+5 and is automatic, like a reflex.  Don’t you some times think why does this always happen to me? And we hate ourselves for falling for the same things over and over; and we blame outside sources because we are not aware that it is us. It’s our believe system from our unconscious mind and our lack of awareness about it; if we don’t change our believes, how we react, how we take action on the situations at hand, we will always end up with the same result. As Albert Einstein said once: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” And yes, it is a difficult concept to accept, we all do it; (believe me it is, I am guilty of doing this also) but it’s in our power to change our believes in order to change the outcome and create a great future. Hear me out, how can we get six-pac abs yet we keep eating junk food and not working out? Your thoughts also need to be in correlation with your actions so you can get a different result.

We can train our brain to believe that the world is full of possibilities and that it is within our power to make so; How? Be aware of everything around you and your thoughts, think more positively, train your brain to think and know that there is not only one answer or one way to the answer, and be open, have an open mind to all the possibilities the universe has to offer. At times we are guarded and we keep our walls up because we are scare of revealing to much of ourselves and that is ok; but just be aware of it, and even if you are guarded keep an open mind and just go with caution.  Be mindful of the power of your thoughts and is limitless. Look at a kid when he’s playing with his airplane. He is living that experience of being in control of that plane and he’s in command. We as adults can do the same (we just have to put in work, but it doesn’t have to be hard).

Most of us are on autopilot most of the time and we are not aware of our thoughts and we go day by day doing the same things; we keep experiencing the same things because it is what we know and what works for us;  it’s our comfort zone. But being comfortable does not really make us grow and become better people and does not make us aware of what we are capable of. Going back the the six-pac; don’t you put your body under some stress when you workout, and it is hard and can hurt and is uncomfortable? However, once you see your body changing than you think, “OHHH, look! My muscles are showing?” And you feel so happy and accomplished; isn’t it great? Sometimes we have to be a bit uncomfortable, feel a bit scare, and most of the time is worth it and you have to take the leap of faith that it will all work out. We are all full of energy and we can use that power and energy that vibrates from our thoughts to create the best life for YOU.