Showing Up? Are you Ready to Show up?

 show upEvery single day of our lives we make a conscious or subconscious decisions to show up to things; be it work, family, the gym, our children’s activities, our partners. So why is it that in relationships when you start getting closer and try to build a more intimate connection (not necessarily sexual) some of us pull away. Why do we freak and/or flee? Is it fear of the new or unknown? Or are we so used to hurtful and disappointing relationships that when we perhaps find one that is going “well” we say; “Ohh!! this is too good to be true, there must be a catch”. Unfortunately for some, they haven’t had the best experiences and the only way they feel good or worthy is by experiencing pain. If you believe in this deeply, don’t you think that is what will show up again and again. “We are so used to everything that is bad, that when something good happens we doubt if it’s real” Unknown.  Why do we get on our own way of building strong, positive, influential connections? All of these fears are real yet what do you gain from it? No, really! Think about it. It is scary to start from scratch and build something from zero, but didn’t we all start from zero at some point. We started from zero since our inception as kids in this world and we have learned to walk, talk, learn, think on our own, feel, love, know good and bad , etc. Why are we so scare to take the risk and show up? Why are we more focus on things that could go  wrong and loose sight of the possibilities of what could go right? Why not channel all that passion, energy and consciously make a decision to show up and take the risk.  It can either be a great fulfilling experience or a learning opportunity for growth and expansion. Both ways you gain something and you become wiser; and that is something one cannot improvise, you must live it. You have a better chance in succeeding at anything if you just show up!!!