Vulnerability! Does it Make us Stronger? Is it Worth it Baring it All?

58Interesting questions, no? Why are we so scare of being vulnerable? Why is being open so difficult?Yes, when we are open and we bare every inch of our souls, we are at risk. We are at risk of feeling free, expressing who you are as a living, vibrating being on this planet, and that is all amazing; however there are Pros and Cons to being vulnerable. The pros are that you get to really live more and allow more things to manifest because you are open to receiving them. The cons are that when you are vulnerable you are subject to be taken advantage of, and getting hurt. When that happens fear sets in and our own body uses its natural reflect to protect itself;  and we crawl back to our shell, that side doesn’t always feel good. But it does helps us grow as individuals, helps us experience things that make us uncomfortable good or bad at times and because of those experiences we become much stronger and more resilient than before. In my experience I’ve been on both sides, yet I’ve learned that being vulnerable is a sign of strength and not weakness because it takes an incredible amount of courage to bare your most purest and candid self to the world and to others. I’m not saying you should go all in without knowing and gaging the risks when trying to be vulnerable; still proceed with caution and put somethings in perspective. Try making a list of all possibilities with pros and cons about whatever situation you’re going through, at the end if you have more pros than cons then there’s your answer; (however be really honest and do not lie to yourself about the situation). Or try and follow your instincts. We disregard this powerful insight and sometimes it is so spot on that some times we kick ourselves for not listen to it. It’s worth the try, if it doesn’t work then, oh well you might learn something that you never knew about yourself.  And remember, “ But if these years have taught me anything it is this: You can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in.” Juno Diaz