Do you have a Strong Sense of Self? Do you Know YOU? Part 1

smily faceHave you ever asked yourself what is having a  true SENSE OF SELF? Do you find yourself in situations that deep in your gut you are not comfortable with? Do you feel like you ever sabotage yourself and do things to please others, consciously or subconsciously? Or have you always been easily influenced by your peers, somewhat of a pushover? Perhaps most of us in our “younger” less experienced years have encounter some level of low self esteem, shyness, fear , etc., therefore we are not as assertive and strong as we are in adulthood. All is possible. Yet even as adults some of us are still shy, unassertive, lack character and are not as strong as we wish to be. People still push us around; we are still figuring out how to hold our ground. People take advantage of you and/or  we are not strong enough to say stop or to re-asses a difficult situation. In my perspective it’s because we lack a SENSE OF SELF. What is a SENSE OF SELF? To me it’s when you are conscious of who YOU are, what you want and how you choose the things or people from the outside influence your choices; maturity as its best; (hence, you don’t have to have lived for too long to know, just have and learn from experience). It’s being aware of what things you are ok with or not, when to walk away from a situation that does not serve you, or when to jump in, when you always listen to your gut. When you do things you enjoy without caring what others think, when you try new stuff because YOU want to try them and go places you want to explore without the influence of outside sources or peers. When you make decisions about your life,(you welcome support, info and advice yet don’t need approval or reassurance from outsiders), you take full responsibility for your choices and actions. Now, we live in a world that is constantly influencing us to do, think, feel or act a certain way so it would be impossible for us not to be affected.  Yet we can be affected by it to an extent but be aware not to be run by it. I am not saying that we need to go against the world and against our peers just because and be stubborn about it. A person with a strong SENSE OF SELF makes the conscious decision to do, be, feel, act authentically not how he/she thinks should act, they act according to what is true to his/her core values. Part 1