HONOR: high respect, esteem, privilege, pleasure, pride, joy, compliment.

478378875598dee3d594356802f7d2c0As little kids we are always told by our parents to do well in school, behave and pay attention so we get good grades that might even earn us honors in class. This goes from middle school, to honors in high school which might even earn us a scholarship for college. I was an honor student in high school, earned a full scholarship in college however things didn’t turn out as expected. I decided not to take the full scholarship and go to art school to pursue fashion design. Yeah, I know what you are thinking kind of weird, no? Perhaps if I would have taken the scholarship and would have gone to Merrimack College I would probably be in a different career, different state and not even writing at this coffeeshop in Williamsburg. Nevertheless, it has not been easy but I am grateful of the choices that I have made as of now. But going back to the point of being a good student and receiving honors, we are barely taught to honor ourselves as people, or in my case as a woman in schools? Why is that? Is it just me? (I doubt it).

This makes me wonder why is it that nowadays we are always falling short and we forget to put ourselves first, and honor ourselves more. Women these days have come really far in reaching great careers and great fortunes yet when it comes to men some crave love, a great relationship, others marriage, and a family, yet sometimes we put up with disrespect, deceit, and we search for love outside of ourselves when deep inside we know it might not be where we think it is. The love that we desire is really within us and we need to honor (high respect, esteem) ourselves so we can attract that which we desire. (This goes for men also.)

Most likely a man with emotional maturity and masculine energy will find that a woman who knows herself, who has high respect for herself, knows she wants him but does not really need him will cherish and find her one of the most attractive women overall. For some men that are emotionally immature and lack awareness might find these women a bit tough and might not want to invest in them because it makes them uncomfortable and insecure; that is only because they don’t know what they want and are still unsure of themselves. But regardless if you have lived this experience or not make sure you stay true to yourself, love and respect yourself so others will start acting in a way that honors you as a person. You will know the difference when a person acts with high regards and respect for you. “What you allow is what will continue”