Sticking Around! DON’T

 A lot of us have done and gone through this; because regardless how great and amazing we may be the other person can only meet us as far they’ve met themselves. We’ve tried to show the best we can offer in the hopes that the wall will crumble and he or she will SEE us. In the interim we waste our time. And for this we are solely responsible by sticking around and allowing them to mistreat and deceit us, only because we BELIEVE. What’s more difficult is to see that on the other side there’s no ownership or responsibility on the wrong doing. No remorse as if we asked or deserved it.

Yet somehow we learn, we grow and we move forward; because these mishaps prepares us to know better so we can attract and receive better. The rest is up to fate. You get back what you put out.YOU WILL SEE!!!

Peace, Love and Positive Energy always!


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