Are we One hundred percent Responsible for what happens to us? Law of attraction says so; What do you Think?

 5a98a59ee2067eda0fcca5b409ef10e3In the past few weeks I have been watching lots of Youtube videos about law of attraction, manifesting ones desires and being in the same vibrational energy as our wishes. Law of attractions says we are one hundred percent responsible for what we manifest in our lives; but it got me thinking if that’s the case; are we really responsible for someone running a red light and hitting your car, what about attracting a disease such as cancer; I am one hundred percent sure non of us wish that upon ourselves, and those are just two examples. If cancer runs in your family’s DNA, Could you do something about it so it won’t manifest in your body? Perhaps.

I think WE ARE responsible for all that we think, feel and do; the trick is how we react when certain situations arise. “Of course, this is easier said than done.”  We are not responsible for things outside ourselves and out of our control. We often blame and try to look for answers to understand, reasons why, why someone cut you on the highway, on the grocery queue, someone was rude to you, why did someone break your heart or hurt you, why am I sick , etc. Yes, these are all unfortunate events but we must be aware of our reaction to these experiences; because that is all they are, and learn from them. We must learn to own the part that we played in that experience. What you allow is what will continue. If someone hurt or deceit you in some way believe that you played a part in it, if the other person doesn’t take responsibility for their actions than it’s on them. They are the ones not brave enough to own it and sooner or later they will come to the realization of their mishaps. You get what you put out.

As far as diseases we can also control how we react to it by not allowing the disease to control our mind, energy & vibration. You become what you believe; if you believe in being healthy you will be.