Investing! Should be your #1 Priority!

INVEST copyInvesting! When we hear the word investing most of us have a question mark on our faces; unless we are in finance or banking most of us have no clue. But I beg to differ, most of us know how to, but we are not aware that we can. When I say invest, I mean to invest in Oneself. Most of us go through weeks and months and never stop to really do something for ourselves. You are your number 1 priority and you should always take care of yourself first before others. Yes, it is selfish act but you will regret it if you give all you have and expect people to do the same.

I am very guilty of always saying YES and being there for people (unfortunately expecting the same). I have a hard time saying no and I put others priorities before mine. It is a good trait to have, I am very giving. However it’s not good when you have to sacrifice what you want to do or yourself in order to fulfill others needs and desires. We must invest in ourselves first. We must be happy with ourselves first in order to give the best of ourselves to others without sacrificing our desires or our integrity. I say, join a dance class, do yoga, learn a new skill, meditate, lift weights, eat better, invest some money, why not? Do whatever you feel like doing that makes you feel good and empowered and that you are in control of your joy and your life. Once you start investing in yourself you will be more fulfilled as a person and people will admired and respect that. We first must be fulfilled within ourselves in order to share ourselves to others. By doing so, you will be able to share your true self and your amazing energy with people that will value it and will not take you for granted.

Remember: When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself.” Paolo Coelho

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  1. Great Post Gricelidis! I am glad you are expressing yourself and helping other people to open their eyes. I totally agree that investing in yourself is very important. Learning a new skill activates your brain and shifts your energy for the new to flow in. There is a great book that teaches how to say “No” in a positive way so that everyone remains happy.

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