Gracias! Thank you! Merci! Arigato! Obrigado!

320438e4e6d543da6a25477083cf00ddThis is an open letter for everyone that has crossed my path; past and present; is a candid letter full of love and of course some pain. I’ve always said you cannot know what love is until you have felt pain, felt joy until you’ve felt sadness, felt good until you’ve felt bad, felt beautiful until you’ve felt a bit ugly from time to time. Life is about balance and in order for us to truly feel and enjoy the beautiful bountiful gifts that life has to offer; we must be open and be grateful for all our joys and our pains. Therefore I am grateful for my friends, the real good friends that are always there for me even if we don’t speak often. I am grateful for my mother, all her love and all the hard time she has given me, for my dad that always answered my questions when I was little; (maybe some of those answers were BS) but I was always pleased. I am grateful for the men in my life, the friends, the lovers, the boyfriends that I’ve had. The ones that have loved me dearly yet hurt me badly, the ones that have used me, the ones I’ve really liked but didn’t really love nor saw myself with them longterm or vice versa, the ugly ones, the pretty ones, the obnoxious ones and the ones that I can talk to for hours, the ones with amazing chemistry, the guy friends that are brutally honest to me and say that I over analyze and think too much (I am guilty of that), the supporters, and all of the above. I have been broken time and time again but I am grateful for them, I am grateful because having been broken has not made me bitter. I still believe in the power of love and its people, treating everyone as individuals and trying to see the best of them and try to deal with the worst in them. Because of those I am strong and resilient. I could not be who I am today if it wasn’t for everyone that has crossed my path and taught me something, mainly about myself.

Appreciating and accepting all that life has given you, gives you power; the power to grow and evolve, to learn from your experiences and to love yourself more and more everyday……

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