About Me


Screenshot_2015-12-27-22-13-43-1This is my first time blogging and very excited to open up this new chapter in my life to promote strong, independent women full of feminine energy.

I’ll give you a brief history about myself. I am young single woman living in New York City. I moved here 8 years ago looking to start my career in the Fashion Industry, boy was it hard at the beginning. I spent 3 years without a job (moved when the economic crisis was blooming, trying to put it on positive terms.) Now I work at a very prestigious well known fashion corporation. I am a Technical Designer in the sweater’s department. I like my job however I’ve always felt like I should do something that can perhaps make a change or make an impact perhaps. I believe in giving and helping others, especially women. I am a good listener and most of the time give great advise to people (unfortunately like any other human being; I don’t always follow my own advise at times). Therefore I want to create a space where I can speak about issues that women go through everyday, be it their jobs, their loved ones, their relationships, their self image, their fashions; why not. I want to open this page in support of all women that want to speak or vent, that have an opinion, that are strong, independent, resilient, and full of feminine energy. We don’t have to agree but we can support each.

Much Love & Positive Energy,

Gricelidis Nunez