Freedom or Fear? Part 1

Nelson MandelaHave you ever done anything out of the ordinary? Have you wanted to change jobs but haven’t because you are too comfortable or complacent? Have you tried jumping from a waterfall? (Well, maybe that’s a bit risky, yet have you?) Have you ever tried the cuisine from a different culture? Have you ever done something you were not comfortable with? Have you ever gone against what you are accustomed to? If yes, that is great; but if you haven’t, what is stoping you? Is it a four letter word, called FEAR?  Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. For a lot of us that live in a super developed country where we have the freedom to be, say and do as we wish. We boast about our freedoms and privileges yet we are constantly living in fear. We are scare to travel, to talk to stranger on the train, to connect with people every day, to try new things, the new food, to meet different people than our own, etc., if we are so free why do we fear so many things. Why do we fear to see, to know the truth, to feel, to LOVE ? Can you truly be free?